All Stats In Monster Rancher 1 2 Dx Explained

All Stats In Monster Rancher 1 2 Dx Explained. Growth level 1 (d) = stat * 0.5; These six stats can be raised through training.

Chapter 8, Part 2 Sleep with One Eye Open Battle Guide from

Light work pays 100g per success and raises one stat. Each monster will have a set series of stat gains from e to a. You can also use items to gain stat buffs and boost the impact of training.

You’re Not On A Narrative Adventure Here, You’re Trying To Become A Famous Monster Breeder.

As to which bonus you'll get, this is explained on the mr1 cd list [] page. Life, power, defense and other stats for your monsters can be raised or lowered by having them perform various tasks and training! Heavy work pays 150g per success and raises 2 stats (one higher than the other) and drops a third stat by a small amount.

Monster Stats You Can View The Info About Your Current Monster By Selecting “Monster” Through The “Data” Menu At The Ranch.

Ideally you want your guts higher than your opponents at all time. You can’t transfer monsters between titles exactly, but you can spawn a new baby monster in 2 from the save data of any frozen monsters in 1. You get a hidden bonus to hit rate and dodge rate and some other stats depending on your guts value in the fight.

Monsters Begin Life Knowing A Small Number Of Moves That Can Be Used In Battle, With More Learned Through Training.

Power (pow) increases the damage dealt with certain techniques. When raising your monster, you need to be aware of their different stats at all times. A monster's ability to gain stats for:

Ape, Arrowhead, Colorpandora, Gaboo, Jell, Hare, Hopper, Kato, Mocchi, Monol, Naga, Pixie, Plant, Suezo, Tiger, And Zuum.

The following monster main breeds do not have to be unlocked: Monster rancher 1 & 2 dx includes the likes of worm, henger, gali, and mew, but you need to unlock them. How to use the cd library.

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You Can Also Use Items To Gain Stat Buffs And Boost The Impact Of Training.

This guide details each and every monster we have discovered so far in monster rancher 2 and which cd we used to get them. All stats in monster rancher 1 & 2 dx explained. The monsters that you raise have six stats in which you can train.

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