All Treasure Pod Locations In Slime Rancher Listed

All Treasure Pod Locations In Slime Rancher Listed. This page contains map cut outs of every zone in slime rancher to help you locate all of the treasure pods. Iii in order to unlock the treasure pods found in each vault.

Slime Rancher Treasure Pod Map Time Zones Map World from

Just put your username, the location, the specific landmark and the loot. This is like the slime key page but for treasure pods. Green pods, blue pods, and purple pods.

The First Vault Is Found Just Beyond The Where The Pink Gordo Slime Is Located On The Ring Island

There are also style pods that are from the $7.99(¥32) secret style pack dlc, which are magenta and gold. There are three different types of treasure pods; 2 purple pods (treasure cracker mk iii) 2.1 dark purple teleporter;

Using The Treasure Cracker Mki, You’ll Be Able To Open Up Any Green Treasure Pods You Find Hidden Throughout Slime Rancher.

All the player needs to do is find the key. Once they have it, players can just walk over to a treasure pod and open it. After watching this video you will be able to easily locate a.

Full Credit For This Map Goes To The Steam User Who Created It, I Simply Took His Map And Cropped It So That I Can Show You Each Individual Area Instead Of Having To Use The Entire Map At Once.

Ring island, moss blanket, ancient ruins, and indigo quarry ; Each vault contains a slime door that requires a slime key to open. Slime rancher all maps (food and resource locations) slime rancher maps a complete map of the far far range.

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Green Pods, Blue Pods, And Purple Pods.

You will also want to upgrade your treasure cracker to mk. Available for pc, xbox one, and ps4! Just put your username, the location, the specific landmark and the loot.

Green (Mki), Blue (Mkii), And Purple (Mkiii).

In this video all treasure pods locations in slime rancher are shown, including loot from each! Here they are, listed from lowest to highest. Obtained from a blue treasure pod in glass desert.

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