Cod Mobile How Earn Bloodthirsty Medal

Cod Mobile How Earn Bloodthirsty Medal. How to earn avenger medal in cod mobile. Bloodthirsty medals in cod mobile are based on the killstreaks that a player earns.

COD Mobile How to earn Bloodthirsty medal Touch, Tap, Play from

When you are ready to proceed, tap on “go.” Mobile, the bloodthirsty medal can be earned by killing five (5) enemies without dying. How do you get bloodthirsty in cod?

Note That This Challenge Can Only Be Done In Battle Royal Mode;

There are a total of 85 medals that the players can earn in the game. This medal is earned by getting five gun or equipment kills in a row. In order to earn this medal, you will need to kill 5 opponents in an online match without dying.

Players Will Get Three Kinds Of Medals Upon Completing Objectives Including Killstreak Medals, Scorestreak Medals, And Kill Medals.

A new event in call of duty mobile challenges players to earn three consecutive bloodthirsty medals in multiplayer matches. How to earn avenger medal in cod mobile. Out of these 86 medals, there are 43 that can be earned through the multiplayer mode and 27 that can be earned through the battle royale mode.

How To Earn The Bloodthirsty Medal 5 Times In Mp Matches.

Avenger medals is one of the easier medals a player can earn in cod mobile. The bloodthirsty medal falls under the killstreak medals section in cod mobile. Mobile has a variety of ways of recording achievements, whether it be scorestreaks or various medals players can earn along the way.

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Simply Put, You Should Get 5 Consecutive Kills In A Multiplayer Match.

How do you get bloodthirsty in cod? It cannot be achieved in the warzone mode. But before starting this challenge, it's important to know that to get one bloodthirsty medal, players need to get five clean kills with guns without dying.

Mobile And How You Can Get Them.

Select the “total savage” option. However, we recommend players just use normal means and practice to get better. I have been trying to get this for a long time.

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