Genshin Impact How To Obtain The Divine Bridle

Genshin Impact How To Obtain The Divine Bridle. In genshin impact, you can get the divine bridle by completing hyperion’s dirge world quest. How to obtain the divine bridle.

How to Get the Divine Bridle in Genshin Impact Screen from

You can find genshin impact divine bridle location following this video guide. How to obtain the divine bridle. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

To Start The Quest, Go To The Fast Travel Point At The Top Of Dainichi Mikoshi.

Make sure to finish this quest series first before doing this quest. To find him, head to dainichi mikoshi, and light the two torches to. To get the divine bridle, you will need to complete the “hyperion’s dirge” world quest.

Requires Divine Bridle To Finish.

Use your key sigils to. Unfortunately, finding the divine bridle is one. The phaethons' syrtos walkthrough chart & tips walkthrough chart

To Obtain The Divine Bridle, You Need To Finish The World Quest, Hyperion's Dirge World Quest.

The tasks may seem difficult at first but are far from being hard as you progress into the quest. How to obtain the divine bridle in genshin impact the temple inquiry location is over to the east, just north of the central waypoint on the evernight temple island. It is used during the phaethons' syrtos world quest.

From The West Side Of The Waypoint, Jump Down To The Level Below.

How to obtain the divine bridle in genshin impact players can follow the teyvat interactive map to search for the key sigils required to unlock the inscriptions. Below are the steps needed to receive an impact divine bridle. Under the waypoint, there will be two ruin guards and two torches.

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Divine Bridle Is A Quest Item Obtained After Completing The Hyperion's Dirge World Quest.

The genshin impact divine bridle and the hyperion’s dirge world quest is all that stands between you and completing the phaethon’s syrtos quest. To start the quest, go to the fast travel point at the top of dainichi mikoshi. Similar to the golden bridle —divine bridle is a quest item you need during the phaethons’ syrtos world quest.

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