How Do I Get The Magic Item Potions In Clash Of Clans

How Do I Get The Magic Item Potions In Clash Of Clans. All potions can be sold and collect 25 gems each. How to get builder potions in coc clash of clans.

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There are currently four different ways that you can obtain magic items: Five new potions rumored for next clash of clans update. These items add a new element to the gameplay and are always strategic in use.

However, If You Consider The Gold And Elixir From The Resource Potion To.

Once you upgrade to th 11, a new building called sauna will pop up right next to the trader’s tent. Therefore, the user still has to pay for the resources. Completing each tier in clan games;

Once Purchased, A New One Of The Same Type Cannot Be Bought For The Next 7 Days.

Easily x10 the value of most other magic items. Only sell shovels (50 gems per) if you really want to get that 5th builder i would take some time, use the power pots and training pots and grind to master(1000 gems) and champion (2000 gems). The super potion is an innovative magic item that allows you to increase the size of a super troop instead of purchasing the dark elixir.

The Super Potions Are Sold As A Reward In.

Potions also occasionally appear at the daily discounts barrack where you can buy them using gems. Using a hammer for a level 70 archer queen saves you 100 medals of resources and 90 medals of time, for a value of 190/165. You can find magic runes and hammers stored inside your town hall and builder hall.

Five New Potions Rumored For Next Clash Of Clans Update.

Super potion is a magic item that lets you boost a troop into their super troop counterpart for 3 days instead of using 25,000 dark elixir. You can use these league medals to. As such, to get the best value, they should be used to finish the upgrade as soon as it begins.

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Potions Will Randomly Appear At The Shop To Be Purchased With Real Money On Special Packs.

You need to sell five 10 gem items or one 50 gem item to pay for 2 training potions. Potions in the game act like other items, either enhancing and ability to decreasing build and/or training time. Within their interfaces, you will be able to see the full list of all the magic items.

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