How To Complete Memory Test In Bitlife

How To Complete Memory Test In Bitlife. If you end up with a gigantic iq score at the end of the game, though, your smarts can go all the way up to 100%. There’s a variety of tasks that you will need to complete, and if you can you will earn yourself a place in the rankings and a free mystery prize!

How to complete the Memory Test in BitLife Dear Desh from

Scroll down until you find the option to take the memory test. To finish the wap bitlife challenge, you will need to complete the following tasks: The first part of the challenge is pretty easy, just create your character as a female and make sure they are born in new york.

Click The Memory Test Option To Begin.

Head into the activities tab and click on mind & body. Run the windows memory diagnostic. From there, scroll down and select the option that’s the right one.

You Can Find This Activity Available For All Characters.

You can find this activity available for all characters on your bitlife account. So in this guide we’ll help you learn how to complete the memory test in bitlife. There are a few other needs to fulfill aside from money.

It’s Included On Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 7, And All Other Modern Versions Of Windows.

Here’s what you need to know about how to complete the memory test in bitlife. The rain man c hallenge has only one task you will need to complete: Going to the library was another good way to improve smarts, as was taking the intelligence test.

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A New Weekend Has Arrived, And With It, A Challenge For Bitlife That Will Put Your Skills To The Test To See How Quickly You Can Meet All Of The Requirements.

Log in or sign up to leave a comment. Bitlife takes a different direction this week, with only one task for players to finish. The higher that you score on the iq test, the higher your smarts will go when you are done.

Well, I’m Currently 70 I.

To developers claim it to be the first text life stimulator that “truly mashes up and simulates adult life”. Get a score of 25+ on the memory test. It boosts your characters smarts (or decreases it depending on your rating) but it’s pointless now that you can boost your score by doing activities in school and getting to uni isn’t based of smarts anymore.

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