How To Earn Savior Medal In Cod Mobile

How To Earn Savior Medal In Cod Mobile. Cod mobile players have to earn many medals often to complete missions and earn free rewards. Earning the medic br medal will complete one of the missions for the survival of the fittest event and the players will be rewarded with an atv skin and some battle.

Call of Duty Mobile How to Earn the Bloodthirsty Medal from

Do this ten times in multiplayer matches, and you’ll complete the cbr4 supremacy challenge. To earn the relentless medal in cod mobile, players will have to kill 20 opponents in mp mode without dying. Cod mobile players only need to kill an enemy who was injuring a teammate.

To Start Off, Players Must Load Into The Cod Mobile Multiplayer Mode.

To earn the berserker medal 10 times in cod mobile mp matches, you need to kill three enemies without dying in one match. Mobile arent the only ways to show off your experience. In order to earn berserker medals in cod mobile, players need to play on maps and game modes they’re comfortable with.

After Eliminating An Opponent Using Sentry Gun, The Crackdown Medal Will Be Credited To Your Call Of Duty:

Device asus rog phone 3live with turnip made by indian 👍play game with me on live streaming🎮ign ️ altaf_ahmedytuid ️ 6742420645378260993player id ️ d6p8. Multiplayer players get different types of medals than can be achieved by playing in battle royale mode. Over the course of your cod:

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The Best Way To Get The Marathon Medal In Cod Mobile Is To Drop On A Far Off Point On The Isolated Map And Sprint On Foot Around The Safe Zone.

To obtain this medal, the players would have to kill an enemy when they are severely wounded and have very low hp. To earn the avenger medal in call of duty: Since it’s an exclusive mp achievement, players can’t earn the savior medal in the battle royale mode.

Cod Mobile Players Have To Earn Many Medals Often To Complete Missions And Earn Free Rewards.

This is the only method to earn this medal. To get the berserker medal in cod mobile, you need to get three kills in a row without dying. Activision) if one looks at the description of the gun master medal in the profile achievement section, it reads, “kill count is over 8”, meaning players can get it by securing at least eight kills.

To Receive The Medal, A Player Must Select The Multiplayer Mode In Cod Mobile And Gather A Squad, Either With Friends Or Random Teammates.

The exact challenge in the monastery madness event is to “get the crackdown medal 5 times in monastery 24/7 playlist matches.” players can earn the crackdown medal by earning a single kill with the sentry gun killstreak in multiplayer. Kill eight enemies in a single match to get the cod mobile gun master medal. Mobile, players will need to kill an enemy who recently killed a teammate.

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