How To Earn Stuck Medal In Cod Mobile

How To Earn Stuck Medal In Cod Mobile. To get the berserker medal in cod mobile, you need to get three kills in a row without dying. Mobile season 2 day of reckoning.

Everything You Need To Know About Medals In Call Of Duty
Everything You Need To Know About Medals In Call Of Duty from

How to get relentless medal in cod mobile image via samurai cyber gaming. Earning the stuck medal in call of duty: How to earn long shot medal 5 times elite marksman call of duty mobile cod mobile codm ric gaming.

To Get The Relentless Medal In Cod Mobile, Players Have To Kill 20 Enemies In The Multiplayer Mode Without Dying.

The medic br medal can be earned by restoring 200hp during a battle royale match. Earning the medic br medal will complete one of the missions for the survival of the fittest event and the players will be rewarded with an atv skin and some battle. You’ll need to secure 20 consecutive kills without dying to get this achievement.

On Completing This Task And Earning The Cod Mobile Melee Master Medal, The.

How to easily secure the backstabber medal in cod mobile to complete the katana mission, players need to earn the backstabber medal five times. Earning the stuck medal in call of duty: Since it’s an exclusive mp achievement, players can’t earn the stuck medal in.

To Get The Brutal Medal, You’ll Need To Get 25 Kills In A Multiplayer Match Without Dying A Single Time.

One of the tasks that players need to complete is to earn a medic medal in the battle royale mode of cod mobile. The exact challenge in the monastery madness event is to “get the crackdown medal 5 times in monastery 24/7 playlist matches.” players can earn the crackdown medal by earning a single kill. How to get the relentless medal in cod mobile.

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That’s Really All There Is To It.

In order to get the worm medal, you'll need to play battle royale mode and stay prone for more than 180 seconds. The best way to get the marathon medal in cod mobile is to drop on a far off point on the isolated map and sprint on foot around the safe zone. Mobile and how you can get them.

To Get The Floater Medal You Need To Swim For.

To earn the cod mobile melee master medal, the player needs to get 4 kills with a melee weapon in one match. Here's how you can get ahold of these medals in call of duty: Select a loadout of choice.

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