How To Get A Quantum Locker In Subnautica Below Zero

How To Get A Quantum Locker In Subnautica Below Zero. The glacial basin has been reworked, with more on the surface to find and explore. I am considering making another one or maybe use the one in glacial to drop at the alien fabricator.

Quantum Locker Subnautica Below Zero Blueprint Location from

Locker (subnautica) locker (below zero) categories. How to find quantum locker. I have no clue why.

I Am Considering Making Another One Or Maybe Use The One In Glacial To Drop At The Alien Fabricator.

It can be created once the player has obtained five pieces of glass and two titanium. Convenient if you don't want to lug a storage module around. Thanks to a recent update, players now have the ability to defend themselves from hostile creatures in subnautica:

Upgrade Your Storage For Access Anywhere Using A Quantum Locker (Patent Pending).

This update contains quite a few graphic improvements. There is a bit of a solution already built into below zero with the quantum lockers that all have a shared inventory, but that still only allows for a total of sixteen items to be quickly. Players get the quantum locker after scanning two artifacts, the recyclotron after scanning four, the ion batteries and ion power cells after scanning six, and the tether tool and seaport teleportation module after scanning ten.

With This Item, You Will Be Able To Craft A Rebreather In Subnautica:

Blueprint quantum locker wiki page. 2 scans = quantum locker blueprint 6 scans = ion battery and ion power cell blueprints 8 scans = seatruck teleportation module and tether tool blueprints Below zero is where the alien containment will be crafted.

To Keep Your Stuff Handy, You Now Have Access To A Quantum Locker That Allows You To Pull From Your Inventory Wherever You Access One.

Ok i thought, maybe i need to craft them both at same time. Below zero frostbite update includes cleaner graphics and new quantum lockers. I have no clue why.

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To Get Such A Locker In Subnautica:

This makes them some of below zero’s most interesting levels because of how they adopt the subnautica formula to an environment without that extra z axis. I crafted one of them, placed it, put stuff in, went 1300m to my other base, crafted other one, and it was empty. If an internal link referred you to this page, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

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