How To Make Animal In Little Alchemy 2

How To Make Animal In Little Alchemy 2. Earth + earth = land; Energy + primordial soup = life;

How To Make Metal Animal In Little Alchemy Livestock Info from

All the combinations you can use to make animals. Land + life = animal The rarest item in little alchemy is the doctor.

The Following List Outlines The Most Direct Combination Path To Make Animals.

Water + water = puddle. The most direct path to make animals from the beginning of the game. Little alchemy 2 best step by step cheats list and complete walkthrough hints!

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In This Video, I Show You How To Make All Animals In Little Alchemy.

+armor = armadillo +cat = lion +cheese = mouse +chicken = fox +desert = camel +dog = wolf +dune = scorpion +farmer = livestock +flower = bee + butterfly +grass = ant +human = dog + livestock +ice = penguin +milk = cat +moon = wolf +ocean = shark +pig = wild boar +pirate ship = rat +pond = frog. Create the world on the right device. How to make animals in little alchemy starts from making wild animal assuming you are already in the game:

Sand + Glass = Time

Land + life = animal Then, make life as instructed by step five until 12. Little alchemy 2 basic items.

Fire + Fire = Energy;

Water + water = puddle; Puddle + water = pond; Air and water = rain (first steps in making forest and life) rain and earth = plant (first steps in making forest and life) earth and fire = lava;

Lava + Air = Stone Step 7.

Rain + earth = plant step 3. How to make dog in little alchemy 2? In this guide, we outline the combination path you must take to make animals.

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