How To Use Super Troops In Clash Of Clans

How To Use Super Troops In Clash Of Clans. Town hall 11 is required to activate them, or you can receive them as a troop donation! (1) u pgrade troops from the super troop barracks.

NEW Super Troops UPDATE! Learn how to use the new troops from

Also, you can also win it as a reward. Using super troops is super easy, although there are a few limitations and factors you should be aware of: It can be unlocked by boosting the wizard when the wizard is at least level 9.

Town Hall 11 Is Required To Activate Them, Or You Can Receive Them As A Troop Donation!

You can use super archers to snipe buildings from the outside, which can be useful for building a funnel in clan wars. To unlock super troops, the player will have to advance their town hall to level 11 and will need to have the base troop's level requirement. You can temporarily boost the original into their super troop counterpart with dark elixir or a super potion once you have reached town hall 11 and have the base troop's level requirement reached.

Baby Drag, Valkyrie, Wizard, And 3 Archers.

If you are looking to accurately use them for maximum profit then you are at the right place. How to farm dark elixir in clash of clans jayceooi. Super troops are special troops.

Many Players Are Finding It Hard To Use Efficiently.

By upgrading your normal troops into super troops from the super troop’s barracks. They can use combinations of troops, spells, heroes, pets, and now, super troops. Click on the super potion to use it to upgrade your troop.

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Once activated, they can be trained in the army training menu. Hence having a combination of both air and ground troops. Click on the sauna building.

Your Village Must Be At Least Town Hall 11.

It is also possible to win it as a reward in clan. The clan wars update has really boosted gold earning potential with the loot bonus you can get from winning a war. Without further ado let’s supercharge your troops in coc.

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